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Important Update for Land in Pahrump Nevada!

As most of you are aware the Land Sales in the Past Few Years have taken a "DRASTIC" change... Rapidly Decreasing in Value....As the The Land Speculators that drove the pricing Upward over the past 5 to 7 years .....have left the Valley.....and at this time we would be uncertain when they would return....But return they will as with what always happens in Property Values and other things in the economy.

On the Better side of has become "A BUYERS MARKET" for those of you that want a property for the future. Obviously as always happens...Land Values will again regain some of the lost Value. PURCHASE NOW !!!

Access Realty maintains comprehensive database lists and has full access to all available properties in the Valley. Whether you are interested in purchasing a residential lot for immediate or future building or should you be interested in a commercial lot for your business enterprise, Access Realty has them available.
























































































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